When owners collaborate with designers, builders, and engineers, the best ideas are born. Executive Development Firm forms a team that has the experience to deliver your specific requirements for your design-build projects.

Our team at EDF works together throughout the whole process of your project in open communication, with a purpose to deliver. The result is that we provide a defined design with an appropriate budget and a laid out schedule.

Executive Development Firm brings together all the elements of your project. Designers work in conjunction with other members of the project team. We at EDF take these design-build stages:

Selecting a Design-Build Team
The Design-Build process kick starts when you choose your Design- Builder. Select the Designer-Builder with the best experience, skills, and team. At EDF we base a combination of price, expertise, and the credentials of our team. We begin with evaluating the budget solutions early in the project process and continue with the cost estimates as the project progresses.

Pre-construction and Building Value into Design
Our team takes the pre-construction phase of a project-setting the course- for a successful task. Our team does the business and financial assessment. Review of existing plans together with interior and structural systems takes place.

The architect designs capture the value of your project. EDF ensures that it is not about the appearance; It is a mix of strategy, vision, and technology that come together to drive the success of the project to success.

Architectural Design
At this stage, our project team has a definite understanding-business and financial needs- of your project. Architects work on the same team with our Design-Builder team. All the team members that include, architects, engineers, construction experts, subcontractors, and vendors come together to come up with a design that harmonizes all your needs.

You don’t need another process of selecting a contractor. As the design progresses, the initial process of construction starts. The subcontractors and the material suppliers carry out their job in full accountability. Our team meets the quality standards.

At EDF the project does not culminate with the completion of the new or renovated building. Our team gives you a walk- through, training and instruction documentation that are crucial for any build.

All the above stages are the process that the Executive Development Firm takes to administer creative solutions while minimizing costs, meeting schedules, and making the design into reality.